Workload Protection

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CloudDefense.AI's Workload Protection (CWPP) continuously identifies, evaluates, treats, and reports on vulnerabilities in your workloads, helping you to both implement security best practices and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

Agentless: All this is done without installing agents on customer workloads. 

A cloud workload is an application, service, capability, or a specified amount of work that consumes cloud-based resources (such as computing or memory power). This translates to resources such as servers, virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters. For each of these resources, CWPP detects system information, software inventory, vulnerable software, and unpatched or EOL operating systems (OS). 

Note: Very soon, is introducing auto detection of data assets on workloads. Email us at to learn more.

Discover All Workloads:

Identify Workload vulnerabilities:

Users can spot the:

  • Workload alerts/findings 

  • Total assets 

  • Scan time.

You can sort findings based on: 

  • Region filter

Alerts: Users can spot the number of generated workload scan findings/alerts for the individual asset in the ACS platform.

Total asset: Users can spot the number of individual assets that are evaluated for workload scan from the resource page

Scan time: The user can spot the last scan time with the date and time of their cloud accounts.

Region filter: Different assets might belong to different regions e.g. US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Europe (London), Europe (Paris), etc. So the region filter allows the user to spot the findings of different regions’ assets.

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