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CloudDefense allows you to create team under team management tab. The admin can invite both new and existing users as team member and can give access to selected features. For example, let's create the first team. Clicking on the “Teams” tab will navigate you to the team management screen (Tab is available only for admins). To create a new team the only thing is required - a team name. The description is optional.

After filling the data - click on the create button. Now your team is created. (Frontend is a demo team created for your convenience.)

What do the counts at the top menu? Let's figure it out (For your convenience we numbered from 1 to 4).
These counts are a small summary of your organization's team management, represented in number format. About all of them in details:
Note* All of the counts are calculated depending on your role and your access to the teams/applications. F.e Super Admin (who is allowed to manage all the teams/applications) will see the counts overall whole organization while TeamAdmin (who is allowed to manage the teams he participates in) will see only counts accessible to him.
  • Teams: Displays the number of teams created in your organization or accessible to you
  • Admins: Displays the number of admins in the teams which are accessible to you
  • Employees: Displays the number of employees in your organization (For SuperAdmin) or in the teams, you manage (For TeamAdmin)
  • Applications: Displays all the applications which can be added to the team.
Clicking on the team you will be navigated to the team details page, where you can
  • Delete team - Delete team button
  • See the Team Stats (how many users, teams, admins are in the specific team) - Team counts
  • Manage the team name and description - Team Configuration
  • Add users to the team (new and existing) - Team Users
  • Add applications to the team so AppUsers can see them in the list - Team Applications;
We will figure out how all the steps mentioned above work a little bit later, but now let's check how the screen of the team details looks like after first time landing on it:

Actions Items on Team Management:

elete team

To delete a team, you have to click on the trash icon in the top bar. If you can delete team, you will see the confirmation modal, after confirming action team will be successfully deleted. What means that you can delete the team? It means that you should have access to it and the team should be ‘empty’ (No applications or users wired with the team). If team is not ‘empty’ - you will see next modal with the action required:


Team Stats

For all users on this page, counts are displayed the same, and they show data of the specific team which you have chosen.

Manage the team name and description

If you want to change the name or description of the team, simply change it in the inputs and hit on the update button.

Add users to the team

You can add existing users or new users to the team. To add user, click the ‘adding users button’ in the team users section. You will be redirected to the next screen: 

If you want to add user which is already in your organization, he can be the part of other teams, you can search his account by entering email or part of the email in the input. If user(s) were found, you can select the one you want to add and click on the ‘plus’ icon. 
If you want to add new user to your organization, click on the ‘New User’ tab.

User roles description:
  • Super Admin: Super Admin has access to all the functions available under a particular team. They can change the role of existing team members if required.
  • Team Admin: Team admins have the access to control the activity of team members only.
  • App User: The app user role allows the assigned member to test the basic scans using the application that you have inserted. Other team administrative functions are not available in the app user interface.
Fill in the form with the email address and select its role. After inviting, user will be notified by email and automatically added to your organization and the team you wanted to add to with the pending status.
*Note One user can be added to multiple teams. But currently, the user role in all of the teams will be the same. F.e if you invite user ‘’ to the A team and assign TeamAdmin role, adding this user to the B team, meaning that the user will be TeamAdmin in both teams. Demoting in the A team will affect the B team as well.
There are 3 different actions that you can perform on users in the team management. Menu with the actions is available after hitting the ‘menu’ icon (3 dots) on the right side of every user entry
  • Deactivate user - You can deactivate a user from your organization. Users will not be able to login to your org anymore if you deactivate them. You will see such users with the ‘deactivated’ status;
  • Remove user from the team - You can remove users from the selected team but keeps in the organization;
  • Resend user invite - This resends the invite to the user, if he has not accepted it in time.

Add applications to the team:

You can add applications to the team, and make them visible to team participants. To add an application to the team click on the ‘adding application button’ in application section.

You will be redirected to the page with the all available applications tabled.

*Note: One application can be added only to one team currently. In the list above only applications which can be added will be displayed. F.e I have 2 teams A and B (they are empty) and 2 applications ‘App1’ and ‘App2’. I want to add App1 to team A. In the table I will see both applications. After adding App1 to team A i want to add App2 to team B. In the table I will see only 1 application which is App2 since App1 is already in another team.

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