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The Cloud Defense CLI now offers seamless integration with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This user guide will walk you through the steps to initiate online scans using the CLI, ensuring the security of your repositories.

Method 1: Scan Repository Using Our Cluster

You can initiate scans directly from your command line interface using the cdefense online command. Follow the syntax and options provided below:

cdefense online --api-key={} --repository-url={} --branch-name={optional} --tag={optional}

Ensure that you have set the environment variable SCAN_URL to


  • -api-key: Your unique API key.

  • -repository-url: The URL of your repository.

  • -branch-name: (Optional) Specify the branch name.

  • -tag: (Optional) Specify a tag.


cdefense online --api-key=76858509-fe91-4969-b57a-decc36d0726a --repository-url= --branch-name=example --tag=example

This command will return an exit status of 1 if the build policy fails.

Scan Private Repositories

Cloud Defense also supports scanning private repositories. Here's how you can do it:

  • For GitHub:


  • For GitLab:


  • For Azure Repo:


  • For Bitbucket:


Example Output

Without Verbose:

// cdefense online --api-key=76858509-fe91-4969-b57a-decc36d0726a --repository-url=

2022/07/15 16:59:52 [INFO] Connecting to server...


[INFO] Scan started at 16:59:52 finished at 17:01:19

[INFO] Total scan time: 1m27s

With Verbose:

// cdefense online --api-key=76858509-fe91-4969-b57a-decc36d0726a --repository-url= --verbose

2022/07/15 17:00:16 [INFO] Connecting to server...


[INFO] Scan started at 17:00:16 finished at 17:01:43

[INFO] Total scan time: 1m27s

Method 2: Scan Repository on Your System

You can also scan repositories directly from your system using the Cloud Defense CLI. Here's how:

cdefense clidocker --api-key={} --scan-url= --project-name={} --git=true --repourl={} --branch={optional} --tag={optional}

Method 3: Scan Repository on Your System (Copy Project from Your PC)

If you prefer to scan repositories located on your system, follow this method:

cdefense clidocker --api-key={} --scan-url= --project-name={} --path={path-to-folder-with-app} --repo-url={} --branch={optional} --tag={optional}


This command will push data to

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